A database of the various scientific avenues the research staff has pursued.

Alien Alloys

Study of alien alloys recovered from Operation MECONE has brought new information to light, thanks in large part to advances in scientific observation technology. While extremely light, these alloys are also incredibly durable, far exceeding the strength of any substance currently available to us.

Previously, study of the wreckage from the Roswell crash in the 1950s revealed little. Whatever the substance was made from, it was impossible to analyze. Additionally, the substance fragments were almost totally invisible to detection by radar and sonar.

One development did arise from study of these alloys. In 1962 Dr. Adrian Berlitz, with alloy fragments on loan from the Groom Lake Testing Facility, developed a method by which a radar array could be modified to pick up signals from objects composed of the alloy with much greater strength. This method was put to use in installing the radar systems in the X-Com base by Berlitz himself. However due to the dramatic increase in materials cost and lack of practical application it was never implemented elsewhere. Berlitz notes have since been lost in the intervening time. An investigation is underway.

All fragments from the Roswell crash were destroyed during the Groom Lake incident.


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