The Alien Threat

What we know about the Alien Threat.

Based on information gathered from the 1947 Roswell crash and several other investigations, we have gathered some sparse intelligence on the Alien Threat.
Autopsy of body recovered from Roswell crash site.

Nicknamed the Greys, the above pictured body was the only physical evidence we had. Heavily damaged in the crash, it was quickly autopsied.
Following the investigation and coverup, the alien corpse was sent to the Groom Lake Testing facility, where it remained until that facility was destroyed earlier this year.
All recovered pieces of the alien craft were studied extensively, but purpose or construction could not be determined. They were also destroyed at the Groom Lake facility.

Pertinent Information from the Autopsy Report:
-Subject possesses vestigial digestive organs and a simple body structure.
-The brain and eyes are very well developed.
-No mouth or nose.
-Short, 4’ tall exactly.
-The webbing between the fingers and the flat feet suggest aquatic origins.
-No reproductive organs discovered.

Reports from Roswell locals indicated the craft used was small and mostly rectangular in shape. Several other sightings over the years have been analyzed and declared real by X-Com investigative staff.

Known qualities of Alien Craft:
-Extremely fast and maneuverable.
-Difficult to detect with radar.
-Size could indicate a crew of anywhere from 1-10.
Sighting off the coast of Baltimore, Maryland. November, 2003. Recently confirmed as authentic.

The Alien Threat

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