X-Com: Enemy Unknown

It all started with twin fires in the sky over the Mojave Desert.

In Las Vegas, people thought it was an earthquake, but anyone with a clear view of the sky could see the massive plume of fire and smoke rising in the distance. Everyone heard the jets scramble from Nellis, and everyone felt the blast that followed a minute later, creating a second plume over the air force base. Twitter and Facebook posts lit up the internet before the first news chopper was in the air. Amateur youtube videos sketchily documented the immediate aftermath. Nellis AFB was gone, a smoldering crater. As was the experimental testing facility at Groom Lake, better known as Area 51.

The United States government stated that an investigation was underway but signs pointed to a series of meteorite impacts. A sizable chunk of northern Las Vegas was immediately cordoned off by the Nevada National Guard and the inhabitants within carted off to treat for possible radiation sickness before being placed in temporary camps outside the cordon. Dust snowed down onto the Las Vegas streets for hours. Public questions as to the lack of evidence of radioactive contaminants have thus far been ignored or deflected. So too has the footage of unidentified flying craft in the skies over Las Vegas in the minutes leading up to the attack. The majority of this footage has been definitively proven as fake.

This is where you come in, a soldier in a top secret base under McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. In the months or years since you’ve been working there you’ve likely cursed whatever gods you believe in, or at least your luck. Instead of a cutting edge top secret facility you found a skeleton staff of bored scientists and investigators who chased rumors for a living. X-Com Division they were called. Founded back in 1947 to “Defend the United States against Extraterrestrial threat,” X-Com had yet to encounter a single significant sighting or event since Roswell. No more.

No matter what your origin, opinions, or the state of the facility, everything changed rapidly on October 27th 2012. Not an hour after the incident in Nevada you and the rest of the staff are told the truth, that the planet is under attack by extraterrestrial entities, and they have already fired the opening shots. Directives from the Pentagon and the President are clear. X-Com will lead the charge, keep it secret, keep it contained. The War has begun, and you are on the front line.

Welcome to X-Com.

What you need to know:

-As above, this game uses GURPS (Generic Universal Roleplaying System)

-Characters are soldiers in X-Com, founded by the United States government to combat extraterrestrial threats

-This game is play by post, meaning there will be a decent amount of writing involved, and the pace will be slower

-The game will utilize GURPS’ hex-based combat and will have large sections of tactically minded combat gameplay

-There will also be many opportunities for roleplaying and non combat situations, this isn’t a DnD loot fest dungeon run.

-The setting tone is mostly dark and gritty and dangerous

-This is the feel I’m going for:

(Shame the actual game wasn’t any good…)

-Also this:


-Important! Your character has a very good chance of dying. There are rules for continuing play after death.

Getting Started
Okay so you’re still interested. Great! Here is what you’ll need to do:

-Create a character based on the character guidelines.
-Register on the Forum. (http://z13.invisionfree.com/enemyunknown/)
-Post your approved character sheet in the Google Drive folder.
-Check out the Missions board. The game takes place there.
-Post! Play! Have fun!

Additionally, if you aren’t that familiar with GURPS you can read the Beginners Guide. If you want more detailed system information that can possibly save your life, read the Advanced Guide.

More information about the setting can be found in the Information Database.
The Database will be continuously updated throughout the game with new information as the players uncover it.

Enemy Unknown

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