Enemy Unknown

Refresher Briefing

Rise and shine

Earth is at risk. An unknown menace from another world has made its presence violently known. After the total destruction of Nellis AFB and the Groom Lake Testing Facility in Nevada and the partial evacuation of Las Vegas, the old X-Com project has been dusted off and pushed into service.

Thanks to the recovery of an advanced array that can detect alien craft, X-Com’s fighters have recently managed to shoot down a UFO. The ground response team was dispatched close on their heels and moved to secure the crash site. After a short but deadly firefight the ‘Greys’ managed to get their craft repaired enough to fly. Facing swift death, the ground team was saved at the last moment by a timely air strike that destroyed the UFO in a blinding white flash.

Some dreamed. Some did not. Some were not so lucky.

The survivors have been let out of quarantine and expedited to active duty. Their skills will be needed in the time to come.

Little is known about Earth’s new enemy…only that they will strike again.



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