Character Creation Guidelines

Here is a list of guidelines to help you get started making your character:
If this is your first time making a GURPS character, you’ll want to read this page.
Additionally, if you would like the Storyteller to make your sheet up for you, (with direction of course) just let him know!

Fire Team Leader

The player characters are fire team leaders in charge of two ‘rookie’ characters each.
They begin the game with 150 points and -50 points of disadvantages, -5 of which may be -1 point Quirks.

-Your character can be either gender.
-Your character MUST be an infantry soldier from an established branch of the military of a NATO country or another Ally of the United States. The United States is the primary recruitment pool.
-Your character MUST speak English at Accented or better.
-Try to keep the characters somewhat serious and realistic. This is not the campaign for pirates with two peg legs and 16 year old Japanese super assassins. Special does not equal Interesting.
-That said the game will not be completely devoid of color and humor.
-Consider how long you have been working at X-Com, which could be a period of years or months or even days.
-WHY was your character picked up by X-Com? Did a mysterious recruiter just show up? Did you dig too deep or wander somewhere you shouldn’t have?
-How does your character feel about the organization? Excited? Bored? Disappointed?

-Any advantages with the alien head or lightning bolt next to them are off limits.
-Any disadvantages with the alien head or lightning bolt next to them are also off limits.
-Up to -5 of your disadvantage points may be Quirks, small character traits that flesh out the character a bit better.
-Every FTL is assumed to have Duty (X-Com, Extremely Hazardous, All the Time) and Rank 1. You do not lose or gain points from this.
-If you are unsure about anything, check with the Storyteller for confirmation.
-Character sheets have to be approved by the Storyteller.

-Again, if these characters die they are DEAD. In the event of PC death, the unfortunate player gains control over one of their rookies. (their choice subject to storyteller approval)
-Taking over as a rookie will promote that rookie to fire team leader and level them up to the dead PC’s point total. X-Com will then recruit a new rookie to take their slot.

Required Minimum Stat Package (Soldier)
These stats represent time spent in basic training that everyone must have.

Attributes {40}
Strength 11, Dexterity 11, IQ 10, HT 11

Basic Skills {30}
Brawling DX/E {2}
Climbing DX/A {2}
First Aid IQ/E {2}
Gun (Rifle) DX/E {4}
Gun (Pistol) DX/E {2}
Gun (choose from Light Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Light Anti-Armor Weapon) DX/E {2}
Hiking HT/A {2}
Judo DX/H {2} OR Karate DX/H {2}
Jumping DX/A {2}
Knife DX/E {2}
Navigation (Land) IQ/A {2}
Running DX/A {2}
Soldier IQ/A {2}
Throwing DX/A {2}

Fire Team Leader Skills {4}
Leadership {2} IQ/H
Tactics {2} IQ/H

What else do you need?

-You should come up with a picture (preferably a mug shot of some kind) that will represent your character’s looks and be used on your battle map token.
-Come up with a name for your Fire Team, which is a squad of soldiers comprised of yourself and your Rookies.
-You should also come up with a callsign for your character. Stuff like GOOSE or MAVERICK or whatever. It had better be a cool one too or else.
-You may want to consider this quick Guide to Military Etiquette when determining how your character functions within a military organization.
-Don’t forget to pick your rookie specialties. (detailed below)


Rookies are the NPC characters under player command.
While the storyteller controls rookies directly, it is the player’s job to give them orders and (hopefully) get them home alive.
Rookies begin the game with 100 points and -25 of disadvantages.
If a PC dies they have the option of taking over one of their rookies, who will be promoted to Fire Team Leader.

-Each player has two rookies under their command.
-Prior to game start, players may pick a specialty for each of their rookies.
-Some examples of specialties: Heavy Weapons | Demolitions | Scout | Sniper | Medic | Communications | Anti-Tank
-Rookies typically have hidden secondary skill sets that unlock in a variety of ways, including ranking up.

Example Character

This format is not required but it’s easy to read.

MADISON (Combat Engineer, Team Prometheus)
Name: Madison Barrow
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Nationality: American
Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Service History: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi Valley Division
Right Handed, 5’ 5’’, 130lb
Specialty: Combat Engineer
X-Com Service Record: 1mth
X-Com Rank: Private

Basic Info 80

ST 12 20 HP 11
DX 11 20 Will 12
IQ 11 20 Per 14 10
HT 11 10 FP 11

Basic Lift 29
Melee Damage 1d-1/1d+2

Basic Speed 5.5
Basic Move 5 -1 (from Light Encumbrance)
Dodge 8 -1 (from Light Encumbrance)

Languages: English (Native) [-]

Traits [-20]

Fit 5

Bloodlust [-10]
Code of Honor (Soldier) [-10]

Hates Aliens [-1]
You can never have too many bombs [-1]
Delusion (Abducted by Aliens) [-1]
Nosy [-1]
Congenial [-1]

Basic Skills 28

Brawling 2 DX/E – 12
Climbing 2 DX/A – 11
First Aid 1 IQ/E – 12
Gun (Rifle) 4 DX/E – 13
Gun (Pistol) 1 DX/E – 11
Gun (GL) 4 DX/E – 11
Hiking 2 HT/A – 11
Judo 2 DX/H – 10
Jumping 2 DX/A – 11
Knife 1 DX/E – 11
Navigation (Land) 1 IQ/A – 10
Running 2 DX/A – 11
Soldier 2 IQ/A – 12
Throwing 2 DX/A – 11

Specialty (Demolitions) 12

Architecture 2 IQ/A – 11
Explosives (Demolition) 4 IQ/A – 12
Engineer (Combat) 4 IQ/H – 9
Traps 2 IQ/A – 11


REC7 Assault Rifle
5d+1 pi | Acc 4
RoF 12 | Shots 30(3)
Bulk -4 | Rcl 2 | Weight 11.1/1.4
Includes 2 Accessory Rails
-Reflex Sight -3 to Darkness +1 to Guns (Rifle)
-Under-barrel grenade launcher

M203PI Under-barrel Grenade Launcher
7d(10) cr ex | 6d [2d] cr ex linked | Acc 1
RoF 1 | Shots 1(3)
30 yard minimum range

H&K USP .40
2d+2 pi | Acc 2
RoF 3 | Shots 13(3)
Bulk -2 | Rcl 2 | Weight 2.3/0.6
Includes Accessory Rail

KA-BAR Knife
sw-2 cut | thr imp
Weight .6lb


X-Com Tac-Vest
12DR vs pi cut
4DR vs all else
Covers Torso and Groin
Weight 7
Trauma Plates Inserted
+23 DR | +8lb

Military Helmet
DR 12 Covers Skull
Weight: 3lb

Extra Ammo

7x 6.8 SPC magazines (Rifle) | Weight 1.4 each (9.8t)
4x Extra HEDP Grenade | Weight 0.5 each (2t)

Special Equipment

4x X-Com Semtex Satchel
6dx3 ex | Weight 2 each (8t)

2x M67 Fragmentation Grenade
9d [2d] cr ex | Weight .9 each (1.8t)

2x Proximity Grenade
9d [2d] cr ex | Weight 1 each (2t)
Contains IR Sensors

Total Weight : 57.6 (58 MAX)
Light Encumbrance
Basic Move x 0.8
Dodge -1

Character Creation Guidelines

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