This is a list of all the equipment currently available to X-Com.

Standard Issue Firearms:

HK_.40.pngH&K USP .40
2d+2 pi | Acc 2
RoF 3 | Shots 13(3)
Bulk -2 | Rcl 2 | Weight 2.3/0.6
Includes Accessory Rail
First produced by Heckler & Koch in 1993, this reliable and accurate pistol has found usage in law enforcement and among civilians around the world.
It fires the S&W .40 round, and can be fitted with an array of accessories. Great as a backup weapon.

H_K_MP7A1.jpgH&K MP7A1
4d+1 pi | Acc 4
RoF 15 | Shots 20(3)
Bulk -3 | Rcl 2 | Weight 4.4/0.5
Includes Accessory Rail
Released by Heckler & Koch in 2002, this ambidextrous submachine gun is currently utilized by German special forces operations. It features a pistol grip, retractable stock, and folding foregrip. It can be fired one handed, and makes a fantastic fallback weapon.

Benelli_M4.jpgBenelli M1 Super 90, 12G
1d+1 pi | Acc 3
RoF 3×9 | Shots 7(2i)
Bulk -5 | Rcl ¼ | Weight 8.2/0.8
Developed by Benelli in 1984, the Super 90 is a recoil-operated semiautomatic shotgun. Famed for its reliability and flexibility, the Super 90 is used by police and antiterrorist teams worldwide. Great for close quarters combat, this shotgun can fit a wide range of specialty ammunition.

Barrett_REC7Small.pngBarrett REC7
5d+1 pi | Acc 4
RoF 12 | Shots 30(3)
Bulk -4 | Rcl 2 | Weight 8.4/1.4
Includes 2 Accessory Rails
Developed by the Barrett Firearms Company in 2007, the REC7 has recently won the US Army contract to replace the M4 as their mainline infantry weapon. The REC7 matches unparalleled reliability with increased stopping power, and is chambered in the new 6.8 SPC round. Your best bet in any extended firefight.

float-new.pngX-Com XREC12
5d+1 pi | Acc 7
RoF 15 | Shots 45(2*) [2 ready maneuvers to reload with clamped mags on sides]
Bulk -4 | Rcl 2 | Weight 8.4/2.3
Includes 2 Accessory Rails
An updated version of the REC7 modified by Director Vostrikova and X-Com’s Engineering Team. It utilizes a more finely machined titanium barrel, matched with custom crafted ammunition for an overall increase in accuracy. The rate of fire has been increased and the stock magazine extended by another 15 rounds. Magazine clamps have been added to the sides to facilitate rapid reloading. Expensive but well worth the price.

M110_SASS.jpgM110 Semiautomatic Sniper System (SASS)
7d pi | Acc 6+3
RoF 3 | Shots 20(3)
Bulk -6 | Rcl 3 | Weight 16/1.6
Includes 2 Accessory Rails (1 used)
-3.5-10x Scope (+3 Acc, -2 dark penalties)

The M110, developed by Knight’s Armament Company, is the U.S. Army’s replacement for its long running M24 series of sniper rifles. It features semi-automatic fire, ambidextrous design, and high quality craftsmanship to ensure top accuracy and performance. Any squad that needs long range fire support should consider this weapon.

MK47_MOD_0.jpgMK 46 MOD 0
4d+2 pi | Acc 4
RoF 12! | Shots 100(5)
Bulk -6 | Rcl 2 | Weight 16/3.4
Requires ST 11 to wield
Includes 3 Accessory Rails
An improved variant of the M249 SAW utilized by the US Military. This model was specifically designed for the Navy SEALs.
The barrel is shortened for improved weight and handling, and the belt feeder increases reliability. Works wonders for squad support.

AT4.jpgFFV AT4
6dx6(10) cr ex | linked 7dx2 cr ex
Acc 2 | RoF 1 | Shots 1
Bulk -5 | Rcl 1 | Weight 14.7
Warning! 4d burn backblast
Minimum 10 yard range

This disposable anti-tank rocket launcher fires a HEAT warhead. Originally developed in Sweden, this weapon has been widely exported
and sees a lot of usage in the US military.

Special Issue Firearms:

Barret_M107.jpgBarrett M107 Anti-Materiel Rifle
6dx2 pi+ | Acc 6+3
RoF 1 | Shots 10(3)
Bulk -7 | Rcl 3 | Weight 28.4/4.1
Weapon requires 13 ST to operate unless braced or prone with bipod
Becomes unready after shot if fired from the shoulder
Comes with 10x sniper scope (where the +3 comes from)

This sniper rifle developed by Barrett is utilized by law enforcement and the US Military for long range sniping and
destruction of lightly armored vehicles. It fires the monstrous .50 round. They’ll never see it coming.

6dx3(10) cr ex | follow 6dx11(10) cr ex | linked 7dx4 cr ex
Acc 6 | RoF 1 | Shots 1(10)
Weight 14.1/35.1
Requires ST 11 to fire unless braced
Requires skill Artillery (Guided Missile)
Locks onto IR signatures
3d burn Backblast
Minimum range 70/165 yards

The Javelin is a man portable long range guided rocket artillery platform that can be fired in two modes.
The first is direct guided fire, and the second arcs the rocket into the air to attack your target from above.
This weapon sees heavy usage by the US Military and is devastating against armor.

M22_Flamethrower.jpgGE M9A1-7 Flamethrower
3d burn | Range 35/55
RoF Jet | Shots 5×2 second bursts
No Rcl | Weight 52
Takes two ready maneuvers to prepare for firing
Fuel burns for 2dx5 seconds
Inflicts 1d burn per second
Fuel Tank has 2 DR…

While the flamethrower is no longer actively used by the US Military, X-Com has several in its armory.

Weapon Mods

Extended Magazine
Increases Ammo Capacity by 1.5
Increases Bulk by -1

4x X-Com Scope
+2 Acc | Weighs 1lb
-1 to darkness penalties
Can be adapted for Night Vision
-7 to darkness penalties

Reflex Sight
-3 to darkness penalties
+1 to relevant Guns skill
Weight is neg.

Advanced Thermal-Imaging Sight
Provides Infravision
+2 Acc
Weighs 1lb

Laser Sight
+1 to hit with or without aiming
Enemy gets +1 to dodge if they notice the dot
Free action to toggle on and off
Can be combined with Tac Light

Tactical Light
Toggleable for IR
-3 or actual darkness penalty
Can blind targets
Can be combined with Laser Sight

Baffle Suppressor
-4 to hearing checks
Increases Bulk by -1
Weighs 1-4lbs

If Prone can count as Braced
Can also Brace against sandbag, window ledge, etc
Braced gives +1 to aimed attacks
Lowers strength requirements of weapon
Ready maneuver to open or close
Weight is neg.

Folding Stock
Decreases bulk by 1 when folded in
Also decreases Acc by 1 and increases Rcl by 1 when folded in
Ready maneuver to switch

M203PI Under-barrel Grenade Launcher
7d(10) cr ex | 6d [2d] cr ex linked | Acc 1
RoF 1 | Shots 1(3)
Weight 2.7/0.5
30 yard minimum range
Add weight and -1 bulk to gun attached to
Assumes HEDP Grenade see Ammo for other grenade types

Special Mods

Barrett Night Vision Scope
Weighs 5.5lbs | 12.2x magnification
+3 Acc and Night Vision 7


Standard Ammo

6.8 SPC – REC7
4.6 – MP7A1
.40 S&W – H&K USP
7.62 NATO – M110 SASS
5.56 NATO – MK46
.50 Browning – Barret M107

Shotguns have a lot of different types so I guess I’ll put that in later if anyone is interested.

Special Grenade Ammo

Illuminates 185 yard area for 40 seconds

Tear Gas
8 yard cloud lasting 20 econds

8d(0.5) cr ex
Divide damage by only (2 x distance in yards from center)

Special Ammo Types

Frangible Rounds
Shotgun only
Adds armor divisor (0.5)
Increase damage type (pi to pi+, etc)
Reduced Range (0.9)

Armor-Piercing Hardcore Explosive (APHEX)
Armor Divisor (2)
Reduces damage type (pi to pi-, pi+ to pi, etc)
Causes internal explosion followup 1d-2 [1d-2] cr ex

Incendiary Rounds
Adds the incendiary damage modifier to round

Subsonic Ammunition
Used in conjunction with a silencer, these can make for relatively quiet kills.


Advanced Body Armor
35 DR vs most
5 DR vs crushing
Covers Torso
Weight 17
Concealable as or under clothing
+4 to holdout for concealment

X-Com Tac-Vest
12DR vs pi cut
4DR vs all else
Covers Torso and Groin
Weight 7

Trauma Plates
Adds DR +23 | Covers Torso
Weight: +8lb
Can be added to Tac-Vest

Military Helmet
DR 12
Covers Skull (plus 10 DR to Eyes, Face with Ballistic Visor)
Weight: 3lb (plus 1.4lb with Ballistic Visor)

DR 2 | Covers Face and Eyes
Immunity to Outside Contaminants
Limited Air Supply
Weight 4

Ballistic Sunglasses
DR 4 | Covers Eyes
Weight: neg

Ballistic Leggings
DR 12/5
Covers Legs
Weight: 8lb

Riot Shield
DB 2 DR 7/40
Weight 7.5

Special Equipment

Just about anything in the High-Tech book is allowed.
Below is a list of particularly useful pieces of military equipment.

M67 Fragmentation Grenade
9d [2d] cr ex
Bulk -1 Weight .9

Proximity Grenade
9d [2d] cr ex
Bulk -1 Weight 1
Contains IR Sensors
Detonates when it detects movement within a preset range
Adhesive base for placement on vertical surfaces

Smoke Grenade
Weight 1.8 Bulk -2
Creates 7 yard (tile) radius smoke lasts 80 seconds

X-Com Semtex Satchel
6dx3 ex | Weight 2 each

Combat Knife
sw-2 cut | thr imp
Weight 1

1d-3 pi- | follow-up HT-5(0.5) aff
Range 7 | Acc 0
RoF 1 | Shots 1(5) | Rcl 2
Weight 0.75/neg | Bulk -2
On Failed HT-5 roll, victim is stunned while trigger is depressed and for (20-HT) seconds after.
Can be mounted on an Accessory Rail

KA-BAR Knife
sw-2 cut | thr imp
Weight .6lb

Tactical Headset Radio Communicator
Voice activated radio headset attached to a small radio.
Range: 5 miles
Weight: 1.5lb

Pocket Laser Communicator
Small headset device and receiver. Broadcasts in two modes:
Narrow-beam – Requires LoS, cannot be jammed or intercepted. Range: 1 mile
Wide-beam – Does not require LoS, can be intercepted. Range: 0.5 miles.
Weight: 0.75lb

Tactical Radio Communications System
A military backpack mounted communications suite. Has encryption and satellite uplink built in.
Additionally contains a GPS unit that when communicating with another such unit marks them both on a map.
Default Range: 35 miles
Satellite Range: Unlimited to any other Satellite Radio
Weight: 8lb

Hardened Portable Computer
Complexity 3 | Basic Software Suite
Weight: 0.4lb

Mini Tool Kit
Comes in Electrician, Machinist, Armoury, Mechanic, or Electronics Repair flavors.
-2 to skill but allows you to use them in the field at all.
Weight: 2lb for ER | 4lb for all else

Military Grade Binoculars
10x magnification
Weight: 3.5lb

Night Vision Goggles
Gives Night Vision 7
Weight: 1.5lb
Colorblindness, No Depth Perception, No Peripheral Vision
Can mount on a flip-up helmet mount.

Thermal Imaging Goggles
Gives Infravision | 4x Magnification
Weight: 1.5lb
Colorblindness, No Depth Perception, No Peripheral Vision


Real_V-22Osprey.jpgModified CV-22B
The U.S. Air Force variant for USSOCOM. It conducts long-range, special operations missions, and is equipped with extra fuel tanks and terrain-following radar, along with other special operations equipment such as the AN/ALQ-211
X-Com has two of these in their VTOL hangar. It is the current primary method by which X-Com operatives are inserted into a crisis zone.

Crew: 4
Passengers: 16, with equipment or 20,000 pounds of external cargo (dual hook)
Length: 57 ft 4in
Rotor Diameter: 38 ft
Wingspan: 45 ft
Height: 22 ft (with nacelles vertical)
Max takeoff weight: 60,500 lbs
Powerplant: 2x Rolls-Royce Allison T406/AE 1107C-Liberty turboshafts, 6,150 hp each
Max Speed: 400 knots
Cruise Speed: 345 knots
Combat Range: 1,025 nmi
Service Ceiling: 25,000 ft

XB-70.jpgXB-70B Valkyrie
Though this prototype deep strike nuclear bomber never saw mass production, X-Com has one sitting in their hangar; the version X-Com owns was officially ‘cancelled’ during manufacturing. It has been retrofitted to operate as a supersonic transport.

Crew: 2
Passengers: 24, with equipment
Length: 189 ft
Wingspan: 105 ft
Height: 30 ft
Max takeoff weight: 550,000 lb
Powerplant: 6x General Electric YJ93-GE-3 afterburning turbojet
Internal Fuel Capacity: 300,000 lb
Max Speed: Mach 3.1
Cruise Speed: Mach 3.0
Range: 3,725 nmi
Service Ceiling: 77,350 ft


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